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Healthy Diet, Nutrition & Hair Growth

Diet plays an important role in keeping the skin and hair healthy. The foods people eat have an impact on the growth, strength, and volume of the hair.

Hair grows from the roots, so the key to healthy hair growth lies in improving the health of the scalp and hair follicles.

This article looks at the best foods and nutrients to promote hair growth.

How diet impact hair growth?

Hair is continuously growing and being replaced, and the follicles are constantly creating new hairs from nutrients in the body.

The foods people eat affect how their hair grows and its quality. Certain proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are especially important for strong healthy hair.

Eating a varied, nutritious diet can also boost nail and skin health. The changes are most noticeable in who are previously nutrition or vitamin deficient. It may take a while to see positive results, in terms of growth and volume.

People lose 70 - 100 hairs each day. afterwards, new hairs regrow from the same follicles.

Following are some of all the nutrients important for hair growth.

Selenium : is a mineral help boost hair growth. Good source of selenium are meat, fish, eggs, milk and other dairy products, breads and cereals.

Omega - 3 fatty acids : Important part of every diet are good for the hair, skin and eyes.

Fish can be a very good source of omega 3s.

People who follow a vegan or vegetarian can get omega - 3s from walnut, flaxseeds and chia seeds, flaxseed oil, soyabean oil and canola oil.

Vitamin D is also very important for hair growth.

Biotin : is a mineral important part of hair growth. Meat, fish, nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes, spinach and brocoli are good source of biotin.

Certain deficiencies can cause hair loss, and restoring levels of these nutrients and minerals may boost hair growth.

Iron : Even mild cases of iron deficiency can cause hair loss.

Zinc : Zinc deficiency can lead to dry hair and hair loss.

Protein : is a basic structure of hair, a lack of protein can weaken the hair and make it look dull.

Research suggests following nutrients also help hair growth.

Niacin : To support healthy hair follicles

Folic acid : To promote new hair growth

Vitamin A : Protects hair follicles

Vitamin C : An antioxidant to prevent hair damage and support collagen levels.

Malnutrition is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Following a healthy diet can help people maintain typical levels of hair. But other than diet, stress, genetics, aging processes, child birth , certain health conditions and medications can also affects healthy hair growth.

Maintaining a nutritious diet is the best way to improve the health and growth of hair.

- Above information is general in nature, For an individual with hair problem an advice/treatment from properly trained certified trichologist or health professional is necessary.

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