Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis

As part of trichology consultation the trichologist will perform "microscopic hair & scalp analysis". This will help trichologist to establish general hair and scalp health and condition. This analysis provides the trichologist with microscopic images of hair follicles, hair and scalp. Trichologist then further discuss the individual hair loss, hair thinning, scalp conditions and hair conditions with expert interpretation of this hair analysis. Thus, Trichologist will decide and discuss the course of condition & treatment with further consultation.

Trichology Consultation

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As part of consultation the trichologist will perform "Microscopic hair & scalp analysis". A full health and family history will be taken to establish the root cause of the problem. sometimes blood tests are necessary to find out specific hair conditions. We work in close co-operation with other GPs, dermatologists, endocrinologists and other healthcare professional as necessary. At the end the client will be discussed in detail with findings of analysis and consultation. Trichology consultation enable the trichologist to diagnose the individual hair condition and further treatment and management options.

Note: Trichological consultation fees are not covered by health funds.

Hair & Scalp Treatments

The trichologist after "Microscopic hair & scalp analysis" & initial consultation elaborates client with causes for individual hair condition, findings from the hair analysis, individual hair, hair follicle and scalp conditions. The trichologist will outline unique treatment and management options for individual hair condition.The trichologist will advice the individual with proper diet and nutrition to follow for hair growth. The trichome hair loss clinic in most cases use only proven natural and herbal hair growth therapies along with vitamins and food supplements to avoid unnecessary chemicals and toxins. All the treatments used by us are scientifically proven for hair growth. Our treatments are affordable, cost effective, upfront and without any lock in contracts. 

Hair and Scalp Products

At Trichome hair loss clinic along with hair treatment as part of treatment clients can be prescribed with necessary hair and scalp products. Clients have option to purchase products directly from us or from health store. We only store and use hair and scalp products of well known and result oriented leading brands.

Hair Care Advice

Proper Hair Care is very important as many hair problems can be detected or prevented before it actually occurs. An individual need different hair care in different geographical area or in different atmosphere where they live. We can provide best hair advice according to clients need.