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Hair Care Suggestions For Hot Weather

1) Protect your hair from the sun

2) Add moisture to your hair, use a leave in conditioner.

3) Keep hydrated. Just like the rest of your body, staying hydrated is also necessary for healthy hair.

4) Avoid too much use of cosmetics. avoid any hair treatments or chemical products during the hot season.

5) Trim your hair. Hair tend to become dry and have split ends in summer.

6) Use gentle accessories, hair is already vulnerable from heat, take special care of it and use hair accessories that don't damage your hair.

7) Soothe your scalp. Don't ignore your scalp, keep it protected and hydrated.

8) Avoid heat. avoid the additional heat as much as you can from blow dryer & styling irons and curlers.

9) Oil and massage your hair gently at night.

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